Know Thyself Therapy LLC


Anxiety, depression, and trauma counseling for people in Arizona and Florida

To reach out to someone and allow yourself to be vulnerable as you share your deepest and darkest fears and thoughts is hard. I understand that and appreciate what it has taken for you to get to this point of looking for a therapist. As we work together I will listen and validate your experiences. I will create with you a treatment plan to achieve the goals that you want to achieve in your therapy sessions. Our sessions will be driven by YOUR needs and at a speed that you are comfortable with. The experience that I have gained over my years of life on this planet as well as my professional training will help you to accomplish whatever it is that brings you to therapy in the first place in a way that allows us both to feel fulfilled and successful.
Take this step, let go of your reservations, fears and reluctance (let go of the shores that are so safe) and let me help you to explore new lands and new opportunities living your life free as you dreamed you would.

Contact Information:
Phone: (928) 910-6629